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Stewed and fresh fish
     A proud shop.


​Specialty! Swimming mackerel in Nagasaki Goto

The specialty "Goshima blue mackerel" that our shop offers with confidence.
We use fresh and delicious mackerel that has been landed in the waters near the Goto Islands and has been scrutinized for freshness with a stricter eye.
Please enjoy the deliciousness of the right amount of fat and umami that fills your mouth. The seasonings that determine the taste are also made in Kyushu, and the taste of our shop and the taste of Kyushu are extremely high.

​Kakuni pork from Itoshima

Itoshima pork fattened in Itoshima, located in the western part of Fukuoka, is popular for its thick and sweet fat. By baking Itoshima pork with plenty of umami and then slowly simmering it, the umami is trapped and the aroma is added. Please enjoy the melting taste of the body and fat .


We offer private room seats according to the scene.

We also have private table rooms and private tatami rooms that can accommodate up to 50 people so that you can choose your seat according to your various needs. Enjoy company banquets and family meals in a relaxed space.

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